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SMF - Just Installed!


Started by DRAKEbaby, Mar 01, 2017, 03:51 AM

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So this is it.


It looks like this is supposed to be a temporary board? Odd.


was the code ever released?  :|  or was it something that people talked about for a while, but never took shape?


'sup, long time no see.

Just wanted to show my presence and that I still have affections for SF. I'm not sure I'll be able to be of any aid for the board or the game (armchair game market planning advice: make SF into a "pay 2 win" a la Candy Crush?).

So yeah if the game and the board ever return to at least a dash and sprinkle of its former glory then I'll be looking forward to the drama, the cringe and the BANNING.

Until then I'll be off acting adult irl, and read about lolcows on my spare time. I'll take a peek here every now and then.

Stay safe.


I would love a revival of Sissyfight because it became a seminal community game. When is it getting updated and revived? I have loads of teens who would want to play.

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