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SMF - Just Installed!


Started by DRAKEbaby, Mar 01, 2017, 03:51 AM

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First off, I'm wondering if anyone even plays any more or if they even go to the forum if they do...but I still want to post here anyway!

I think this site needs a revival, some sort of campaign to get it into social media so people will see it and come play. This has to be the first time in almost 20 years I've gone here and no one was around to play a round. I don't want to see this site die!

If anyone has ideas or needs any help, reply to this or send me an email at lizdrake1988@gmail.com

Mooby The Golden Sock

Hi Drake,

We had a fully functioning board, however due to unforeseen circumstances we lost all of our data.  Since the forum was already waning when this happened we're not quite sure what to do next with it.  However, if you would like to be involved let us know.

Darken Wilde

Sorry to hear about the data loss.

Let me know what kind of help you need.

Darken Wilde

Couple few notes:

1. This software doesn't work. Could be a bad install. Could be bad configuration. Could be bad software. I've never heard of "SimpleMachinesForum". Never installed it either. Haven't ever used it, at least to my knowledge. Every post I've tried to made has failed, and only my Cmd-A, Cmd-C habits preserved anything I've tried to post.

2. Who owns the domain? Who controls the DNS? Both have gone pear shaped as far as I have noticed. Somebody with gumption needs to maintain control of these things.

3. Why is Mooby the one holding this bag? He's either the diabolical orchestrater of it all, or he's the patsy holding the murder weapon.

4. It took me, like, 8 tries to post two messages, and I know what I'm doing. This is either a terrible software choice, or you're pre-banning me before anybody shows up.

5. As much as I would love the idea that I'm so unbearable that you have deliberately constructed a cage where I can troll anonymously to nobody, I suspect this is shit software with bad understanding of the administration, and possibly complete ignorance of both of the above.

Darken Wilde

Still happy to help!

Not using this pile of crap, though.

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